Xeriscape - San Diego Style

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     Welcome to a whole new way of looking at your landscape! By using the simple steps outlined in this booklet, you can practice water conservation, your garden will be beautiful, easier to take care of, and will save you money. Sount too good to be true? Well, pull up a comfortable chair, settle in, and learn how simple it all can be.

     Xeriscape (pronounced zeer-i-scape) is derived from the Greek word xeros, which means dry. San Diego County, having a dry climate, imports over 90% of its water. With our ever growing population, cutbacks and restrictions will become a fact of life. Since much water gets poured on our landscapes, you'd think we'd have to sacrifice them. Not So! Our ideal climate offers an enourmous selection of plants that look great and will thrive on only an occasional drink. Combine these plants with a few watersaving techniques and you have Xeriscape - San Diego Style.

     Outlined here are many tips that will make your garden virtually drought prrof. Start slow if you like - many techniques are easy to accomplish and cost very little. If your starting from scratch the beautiful designs will show you just how exciting a water-conserving garden can be. If your landscape is established, you'll be surprised at how much water and maintenance time you can save by simply re-thinking the way that you water your plants.

     Whether your taste runs to colorful flower beds, vegetable gardening, shady spots to sit and snooze, or even lawns to laze on, you can have it all, if you practice good water management.

     You've already accomplished the first step -you've picked up this booklet.
Inviting Entrances: The First impression of this gate is luxuriant richness, achieved with Japanese Black Pines and California Lilac. Bright yellow Bermuda Buttercup comes up after winter rains to compliment the rich blue blossoms

This is a reprint of an article originally printed in Xeriscapes - San Diego Style 1990