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Mission Statement:

(Excerpt from Watershapes magazine April 2001 issue)

     "Biomirages founder and principal landscape designer, Melanie Jauregui, believes there's much more to a good exterior design than an understanding of project parameter, sound engineering and tight planning and execution. That's why she takes time to uncover the aesthetic and thematic preferences as well as the emotional motivators of each client - a process that enables her to create landscapes and watershapes that not only function as desired, but speak to the heart as well."

     After more than 19 years as a professional landscape designer, I am still driven and excited by the challenge of creating comprehensive landscapes for my clients. I thrive on the complexity of organizing the myriad elements required to create outdoor spaces the function properly, are beautiful and harmonious to the eye - and even touch the heart.

     A garden design typically evolves from practical and relatively impersonal list of needs. The client, for example, may want an outdoor barbecue, a terrace for dining, a lawn for play, an herb garden and, often, a beautiful watershape of some kind. What I've found through experience is that the way these elements are organized and applied can enrich and add deeper meaning to the work.

The Right Touch:

     What I'm after here is a personal touch that means something to my clients. In some cases, it's an architectural element or pattern, woven through the work that calls to my favorite architect, artist, or poet. Other times, it's setting up an arbor bedecked in sweet pea because grandmother had one just like it.

     Through the years, I've found that the various elements in a garden - plants, trees, structures, furnishings or water - can carry great meaning for my clients. In a moonlit garden, my clients might want gardenias because the fragrance evokes memories of their long-ago honeymoon. In another, a client might want an oak tree because he or she climbed one as a child. Someone of Scottish or Irish descent might crave a Celtic cross and knot garden as part of the landscape plan.

When you consider these creative element or decorative elements as part of the design, there is no end to the possibilities. Best of all, every situation with every client and site is completely different.

      So, armed with sensitivity, creativity and a bit of detective skill, landscape designers and watershapers can create spaces that absolutely resound with personal meaning. We can create designs that remind clients of their past and heritage, or we can reflect their spirit and embody their deepest personal interests and passions.

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