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Majorca Pool - Escondido, California

Inspired by Old World pools in Majorca, this vanishing edge pool is all about the seamless combination of site, line design, color and materials. Clean, simple geometric lines marry harmoniously with the purple and gold Italian glass tile and a plum, sanded pebble finish. Though surfaced all in one color, it appears to be several colors. In reality it is the changing water depths that create this dramatic illusion.

The spa sports a "Tisherman Neck Ledge" clad in shimmering glass tile for beauty and comfort. Three Rivers flagstone, like a lush carpet, surrounds this water shape, who's colors, wild pattern and soft texture perfectly compliment the crisp tile and line design.

Stacked stone pilasters frame the vanishing edge and provide support for low bowls, who's nocturnal flames create reflections that dance enticingly across the water's surface.

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Builder:Triton Pools - www.tritonpools.com
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